Cadastral plans and land titles

Consulting and real estate identification

Property survey and boundary stake out

Paper work for the Romanian Land Title Association

Land registry transcriptions

Engineering topography

Topographical survey

Topografic stake out

3D Models

Calculation of volumes

Construction site assistance

Plot Plan or Site Plan

As-built survey

Verticality check

Personalized services

House and apartments measurements and plans

Plantation aligments stake out

Other surveying services

Cadastral plans and land titles

Romanian cadastre system does:
a) identification, description and land registry tabulation of real estate and it’s caracteristics, measuring and identification on survey plats and cadastral plans, as well as data storage on digital platforms;
b) identification and registration of real estate owners, and other legal hoders of property.
c) correlates data for the tax system and other institutions.

Engineering topography

With a vast experience in the field of engineering, we provide topographic plans for construction designers int the fields of road, sewage and water plants designs.
Another end product of land surveying is the digital terrain model which, accurately reproduces elevation lines, volumes, etc.

Our business can offer a wide range of services through collaboration with specialists in other fields of engineering like:

Road design Sewage and water systems design




Site Engineer

Construction firms

We offer our clients a broad perspective on the administration, planning and exploitation of real estate projects.

Together we build Romania!



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